Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Turkey crisis: Give holidaymakers refunds or alternative destinations

HOLIDAYMAKERS who have bookings for #Turkey and who now have concerns about going there should be given the choice of penalty-free refunds or alternative destinations, says travel watchdog HolidayTravelWatch.

‘A “significant change” has arisen with holidays that are about to start to Turkey,’ says Frank Brehany, travel expert and consumer director at the HolidayTravelWatch website. ‘There is no question that British holidaymakers scheduled to travel to Turkey will be concerned as to their safety, particularly as the effect of this coup is likely to last for some weeks ahead.

‘In a region that is already under stress from conflict and the refugee crisis, it is time for travel companies to recognize their obligations under Regulations 12 & 13 of the Package Travel Regulations. Holidaymakers must now be offered those rights under the regulations: refunds without penalty and/or the offer of changes of holidays without cost to UK customers.

‘I do not make this call lightly and have every concern and sympathy for those in Turkey who rely upon tourism for their income. But we must recognize that 2016 has not been a happy year for Turkey and this attempted coup and the uncertainty that will surely follow is not the ideal time for mass tourism.’

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