Thursday, 14 July 2016

We still love you, Tenerife tells Brits after Brexit vote

THE #TENERIFE TOURISM CORPORATION is running what it calls a #bigwarmhug campaign to tell the British that the island is on their side regardless of the UK’s vote to leave the European Union.

Reaching out to both holidaymakers and the travel trade, the campaign will be primarily promoted via social media channels and will see the people of Tenerife offering a ‘big warm hug’ to British tourists already on the island. The Tenerife people, including taxi drivers and hoteliers will upload images of themselves hugging British tourists holidaying on the island to demonstrate their love for their most important source market.

Vicente Dorta, director general of the Tenerife Tourism Corporation, comments: ‘We are delighted to be running this campaign. The UK accounts for 34% of tourist arrivals to our island and we are very grateful to the British public. We wanted to run this campaign to tell the British people that we are thinking of them during this uncertain time and that no matter what happens, they are never out of our hearts.’

The tourism minister in the island’s government, Alberto Bernabe, adds: ‘The key to this campaign is to engage with as many people as possible – both on Tenerife and in the UK. With political uncertainty in the UK at the moment, we hope this campaign will show the British people that we are with them no matter what.’

Tenerife welcomed more than 1.7 million British visitors in 2015.

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