Monday, 13 June 2016

50 killed in Orlando terror attack

FIFTY people were murdered and a further 53 were injured in a #shooting in a gay nightclub in #Orlando. A state emergency has been declared in Florida.

The gunman, named as Omar Mateen, was killed by police after taking hostages at the Pulse club.

The attack – the worst mass shooting in recent US history – is believed to be ideologically motivated, although though there was no information that the gunman was associated with a particular terrorist group. NBC News has reported that Mateen called the emergency services before the attack and swore allegiance to the so-called Islamic State group. The group later said that an IS "fighter" had carried out the attack.

The suspect, who was a US citizen from the Florida town of Port St Lucie and was of Afghan descent, was not on a terrorism watch list. But officials revealed that the FBI had interviewed Mateen on three occasions in 2013-14 after he made ‘inflammatory remarks’ to a colleague. The investigation was closed.

Shanghai Airport bombing

FOUR people were injured when a man set off a homemade explosive device at Shanghai Airport on Sunday.

The attacker threw a bottle of explosives near a check-in counter in Terminal Two, and then stabbed himself in the neck.

The four victims suffered light wounds and are being treated in hospital, while the attacker is said to be in a critical condition.

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