Thursday, 30 June 2016

Music tourism hits the high notes for Britain

UK MUSIC has published ‘Wish You Were Here -2016’, a study highlighting the contribution made by #livemusic and music tourism to Britain’s economy in 2015. 

The report features both national and regional figures and for the first time reveals the impact of music tourism to twelve UK cities: Norwich, Leicester, Newcastle, Manchester, Belfast, Glasgow, Brighton, Exeter, Cardiff, Coventry, Hull, and London.

The study’s finding included:

  • A total audience of 27.7 million attended live music events in the UK in 2015. 
  • More people are watching live music locally …. 17.3 million local residents attended music events in their area in 2015. This was up by 14% from 2014. 
  • 3.7 million attended a #festival in 2015 in the UK, and 24 million attended a concert. 
  • Music tourism generated £3.7 billion in direct and indirect spend in the UK last year, up by 7% on the previous year. 
  • There were 10.4 million music tourists in the UK in 2015, 38% of the whole live music audience. 
  • Overseas music tourism increased by 16% to 767,000 visitors. 
  • There were 39,034 full time jobs in the UK sustained by music tourism. 
  • Music tourists generated a £549 million box office spend on tickets in 2015, £38 million of which came from tickets bought by foreign tourists. 

Jo Dipple, UK Music Chief Executive commented: ‘The appetite for live music continues to grow. Last year overseas music tourism increased by 16%, whilst British music events were attended by a staggering 27.7 million people in 2015. What this report shows, unequivocally, is the economic value of live music to communities, cities and regions.’ 

*UK Music is the umbrella organization which represents the collective interests of the country’s commercial music industry, including artists, musicians, songwriters and composers, record labels, music publishers, and studio producers.

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