Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Blackpool rocks for affluent Brits

A TWO-YEAR campaign to shift perceptions of #Blackpool has resulted in an increase in affluent tourists who want to visit the seaside town. 

The local tourist board launched the Blackpool's Back campaign in 2014, re-positioning it as a family resort, highlighting its world-renowned attractions.

Among ABC1 respondents who have seen the campaigns advertisements, 65% in the north and 67% in Scotland would consider a visit to Blackpool, compared to 51% and 44% respectively who hadn't. Visitor satisfaction rates are on the increase for the second year running, from 89% in 2014 to 93% in 2015 (84% 2013).

Summer 2015 saw the resort record the highest visitor figures in August for three years.

A revamped #Blackpoolhasitall campaign will run for a third year in 2016, with TV advertisements in Scotland and the north of England.

Head of the Blackpool Cluster for Merlin Entertainments, Kate Shane, said: ‘Now we've successfully shown that Blackpool is definitely back, we're ready to show that Blackpool has it all, too. There are lots of exciting developments this time around to encourage even more parents to come and share their own childhood memories, or create new ones together."

Statistics from Google show Blackpool is second-only to London in the most-searched-for destinations in the UK so far this year, with Stonehenge, Centerparcs and Bath making up the rest of the top five.

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