Sunday, 19 June 2016

Travel insurance policies 'worthless'

insurance policies have been found to be worthless when it comes to making some claims, including for missed flights. A report by concludes that many travellers do not fully understand what are insured for. found that almost a third of single-trip policies did not cover missed connections in the UK, and 14% did not pay out for missed flights. Inexpensive policies are unlikely to pay out for loss of luggage or expensive valuables and the excesses claimants have to pay are high. Almost half covered only valuables worth less than £250 while people wrongly assumed they are covered in all instances.

Cancelling a holiday can be costly, but just under half of policies cover only cancellation up to £3,000, meaning families can lose out.

Research by reveals that having a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) could mean holidaymakers in Europe avoiding paying an excess fee for medical treatment, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Of 734 insurers offering single-trip policies, 671 said they were willing to reduce excess fees to zero in the event of a claim if the traveller had used their EHIC when receiving treatment.

On some occasions, seeking medical treatment without using the EHIC card can mean the insurer will refuse to pay out, according to

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