Saturday, 25 June 2016

Boom year for theme parks

ATTENDANCE at top #themeparks, #waterparks, and #museums has grew significantly in 2015, including a five percent increase at the top 25 theme parks. 

Research published by Aecom and the Themed Entertainment Association shows that:

  • Business in the amusement park industry has grown by seven percent for the 10 major theme park groups 
  • Attendance at the top 20 water parks grew by four percent 
  • Museum attendance grew by three percent in North America. 

Attendance at theme parks across the world saw growth in 2015, thanks in part to the performance of major Asian and US operators, including Disney, Universal, and OCT Parks China.

Overall, the number of visitors to amusement parks in North America climbed by six percent and almost seven percent in Asia. In total, there were 420 million visits to attractions run by the top 10 global theme park groups, an increase of 7.2 percent.

‘Global theme park attendance was driven largely by strong performance of the major Asian and US operators,’ says AECOM senior vice president, John Robinett, ‘Water parks saw healthy attendance improvements of almost 4 percent with most markets doing well. Museums, while having a few stand-outs with double digit growth such as the Hermitage in Russia and the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, held steady overall.’

SeaWorld San Diego is one of the only parks in North America to see a drop in attendance, while Disneyland, Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Studios Orlando, and others all saw numbers increase from last year.

Numbers-wise, total attendance at the world’s top 25 theme parks in 2015 was 235,568,000, with the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, Florida leading the league with 20,492,000 and the Songcheng Lijiang Romance Park in China at No.25 with 4,678,000 visitors.

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